About Us

We at Roverside enable decision makers across the world with data-driven insights, we are changing the world, one client at a time.

Roverside was founded in 2011 with the aim of solving some business problems efficiently. Developing iOS and Android apps for event discovery, creating solutions for last mile food delivery, creating venues marketplace for selling clothing and accessories and eventually helping organizations leverage technology to improve their business; we have taken a stab at quite a few things. We eventually found out what makes us tick – helping organizations chart their digital transformation journey, using data as integral part of their day to day business decisions.

Roverside is one of the destinations on our long journey towards realizing the true potential of data insights to make businesses more efficient. The team that is now, came from various backgrounds, having their own set of experiences and opinions. But they all converged as they realized their roles in bringing an organization into existence that aims to help make this world a better place. Everyone in this world may be related by six degrees apart as the saying goes, but Roverside believes and understands that whatever difference it is trying to achieve will make a better world for all of us.

We believe in not being bound by geographical boundaries or workspace limitations. Leveraging the best that the world has to offer, we offer flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, using the latest communication technologies.

We believe in being true to the heart and contributing meaningfully as a team. We focus on both technical and team bonding, with lunch and dinner outings and team participation at conferences.

We are always seeking to be the best & at forefront of the analytics thought leadership. So when a conference comes along, we send our team to be a part of it and bring back that knowledge in-house and utilize the same to provide our clients the best we can.