Employees Make a Company Successful – hearing some success stories of our employees.


Akash“The All-round Ninja “as we rightly call him. The most fun person to work with. In the words of his supervisor he is a very quick learner, very reliable, takes full responsibility of work.
You train him on something and he will just grasp it fast and run the show independently. Started as an intern with us now handling our most important clients. Even though he had not done it before, but now he is working international clients with ease.
Not only work wise but also as an individual he is very easy to work with, always brings a good vibe to the company with his jovial nature. We are extremely proud of his work and achievements. It has been very wonderful experience working with him.

let’s hear it from him, how his journey has been with us so far….

1. Share some highlights of your work
Akash: Accumulating unorganized data from various sources and orchestrating it in an organized manner to make it accessible and understandable to even an amateur, this is my role in simple words. Joining Integra as an Intern and now handling a team has been my journey with Integra for past 10 months. Automation is always fun to create especially when in front of your eyes you can see your scripts running and data process happening. It helped our client to go from one dashboard a day to sometime 18 a day.

PS: Data present in image are dummy data.

2. What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced?
Akash: Creating a loyal team is what I say I have faced biggest challenge till now. My believe is that each and every member of team stands as pillar which support the organisation. Even if one pillar is not efficient enough it can lead to the destruction of the whole organisation. We believe in policy where every individual is totally responsible for the work assigned to them. It give them ownership of work and creativity to re-design the work.

3. Share some achievements?
Akash: There was a scenario where client demanded something which is totally based on automation. Data will club, report will be generated and auto mail will go without even a single click human involvement. This project itself was very important for us as well as client. It opened so many door for me to learn new technology and enhance my skills. I still remember, the day of completion our team was in Goa (our office tour) and the celebration we had.

4. How does Integra support you in your role?
Akash:  Integra gave me opportunity to work in such a dynamic world where technology is changing at a very rapid speed. When I joined here, I was working as an Intern because of not having relevant experience in Analytics. Integra helped me lot to enhance my skills like SQL, MS Excel, Shell Scripting and Python. People at Integra not only focused at my technical skills but only on my soft skill, they helped me a lot to grow from individual contributor to managing people.

5. What will you say to someone who is planning to join Integra
Akash: We at Integra believe “WORK HARD PARTY HARDER”. We are not colleague here we are friends here. Our official tour policy help each other to strengthen the bond between us and help us to build our personality traits. Transparency at Integra lets you to express your Idea at any level of the organisation.




We Thank Akash for his contribution and hope we share the same fantastic journey in the years to come

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