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Monitor and manage various marketing channel’s efficiencyeCommerce Retail

A leading Fashion Retailer wanted to have a unified view of every marketing channel’s performance for optimizing and comparison
The effort required the organization to put in place various platforms like FTP drops, email attachment setups which different marketing vendors needed to follow. This ensured data streams could be set up which required very minimal human intervention and then they can be unified to showcase in a single dashboard. Roverside – Integra’s parent helped them tie these various data streams into a single place which could then be viewed in a single dashboard


Working with as many different vendors as the channels themselves, sometime more than one vendor for few channels as well, the situation was ripe for lack in consistency of data, the data structure, the way it can assessed and shared. Finding a way to bring everything on a consistent platform working within each vendor’s constraints was one of the challenges. And eventually making it modular so that if data from one vendor doesn’t flow in on time, dashboard could still be collated albeit with that vendor’s data missing and a note attached about the same.


Roverside worked along with the project manager and held discussions with vendors to find a win-win common ground and reduced the number of ways data can be accessed from all of the vendors down to three secure setups – FTP drops, Email attachments and API calls. Next step of the solution called for working in modules – for each vendor and each marketing channel – this ensured end result not being affected by failure (delayed or no data stream update) in one of the modular components of the process. This provided a fail-proof mechanism of collecting data, cleaning and collating all of it together and putting in a cloud. Roverside was now delivering much more advanced and single view dashboard that helped the organization monitor and track the performance of its various marketing channels. This acted as a feedback mechanism to tweak and execute various marketing strategy decisions eventually setting up the organization for generating maximum ROI for its marketing spends.


The entire marketing machinery of the organization is now more empowered and on same page. They also have the benefit of generating latest dashboards/reports instantaneously whenever needed due to our forward thinking deployment of data in a structured manner that can be queried at any instant. They can now make decisions on the fly based on the latest real time data.

Getting the required stakeholders buy-in is very important for such a project to be successful. End benefit of being able to view all the marketing channel’s effectiveness on a single screen overcame the barriers and empowered the organization’s stakeholders to be able to chart their own success stories.

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