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Monitor performance of a website to showcase key metricseCommerce Retail

A leading Fashion Retailer who set up their website to sell online, wanted to optimize performance of the website to improve visits to sales conversion funnel

The effort required the organization to put in place an analytical setup that can identify, measure and track the various site performance metrics. They turned to Roverside – Integra’s parent for helping them navigate this digital journey and optimize the way to leverage this opportunity


The biggest challenge was lack of a setup where data can be captured to realize the efficiency of the website. Also the sales data flowing in couldn’t be attributed with accuracy to respective marketing campaigns being run to improve visitor statistics. Metrics needed to be decided fast that would represent the truest picture of the business performance. And initial measurements were needed to captured to create a baseline and then set a target to achieve. An analytical tool was employed by them, but it was not set up properly which led to lots of data gaps and incomplete useful data. This compounded the process since still too much of the work was being done manually, which meant that the numbers took a long time to note down and then to be analyzed. Live data was also not available and decisions can only be made after all the required data and been received.


Roverside started off initially with few basic dashboards that utilized the current setup of data analytics. Everyone knew that the systems & processes had to be updated, the real challenge was updating them without disrupting the whole organization’s business in a negative way. The solution was to build it in modules – for each brand and each marketing channel – this ensured no break in operations until the module was ready to be put in place and the systems switched over. This provided a surefooted way of moving the organization towards a more modern and better analytical setup which was then replicated across its brands with localized tweaks. And in three quarters, the organization had moved from a legacy analytical tool to a more robust Google Cloud setup. Roverside was now delivering much more advanced and detailed dashboards that help the organization monitor and track visitor clickstream on the website; which leads to web design tweak decisions to reduce the opportunity for bounces and try to get more conversions.


The C-suite of the organization are now more empowered. They also have the benefit of generating latest dashboards/reports instantaneously whenever needed due to our forward thinking deployment of data in a structured manner that can be queried at any instant. They can now make decisions on the fly based on the latest real time data.

Getting the required stakeholders buy-in is very important for such a project to be successful. Our approach of modular setups to replace the existing structure empowered the organization’s stakeholders to be able to work with the latest analytics platform, thus locking in the change and eventual success in organization’s goal of improving visitor conversion funnel for their website.

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