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Amritansh Sahai – Our Rockstar







“Team work fuels our success”. We highly appreciate your contribution towards our company – We at Integra had an opportunity to bring Amritansh on board as an Intern that gave us a lot of insight on a caliber that Amritansh is. From day one, we have seen him get kick started with limited direction. As an intern, he lead the team of interns naturally on the search marketing for our products.

Upon his return as a full timer at Integra, Amritansh picked up several projects on data analytics. From mastering spreadsheets to learning new techniques such as SQL, Shell scripting to automate data analytics projects, his ability to adapt to newer platforms have been extremely good. Amritansh has been able to learn Tableau for data visualization very quickly and his ability to seamlessly learn the tricks and techniques of the latest features is highly impressive.

Personally, Amritansh has the natural ability to bring people together. A great team player and constantly motivates everybody around. He quickly learns from the trials and the errors and applies it rapidly to the next situation. I wish him best at everything he attempts.

Let us hear about his journey so far….

Share some highlights of your work?

Digital Marketing Dashboard

There has been a common pattern in our clients becoming our friends. With one such client, we started off with simple reporting for their organization, and gradually moved to automation. With them liking our work the scope kept expanding and we do instrumentation, troubleshooting, and other things for them as well. Through this journey, we would sync up a lot, and they eventually came down to India and we went on a multi-city trip together. Another client has recently had a baby, and it quite heartwarming to hear their stories about the baby. Even though I have not met them in person, I look forward to.

Some professional relationships have been fruitful also by bringing us more contacts and work. One of our clients who was a marketing contractor for an organization, eventually introduced us to the organization and now we are collaborating with them to find solutions to their concerns. On another instance, one of our clients became our evangelist and helps us by getting others, who could potentially use our services, in touch with us.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced?

We believe in being self-reliant and independent, at both and individual and an organizational level. This requires us to ensure our cash flow remains positive, and we give each of our employees all the opportunities they need to grow both professionally and personally. Given that we have been quite focused on nurturing the team and ensuring the business stays above water, with significant runway left for us, the scope of rapid growth has been something we could not find time to focus on. However, given the team is more stable now, growth is the next frontier for us.

Share some of your achievements?

Life at Integra has been quite eventful. In my first year, I was given quite a few pointers as feedback and things that I needed to work on, the first achievement I would say was working on them, trying to wrap my head around some contradicting feedback, and not repeating the same mistakes again. Eventually the next hurdle was learning new skills and migrating from a technical role to a more people oriented managerial role. handling clients, ensuring their retention, planning and getting the job done, with all parties satisfied and happy with the collaboration takes a lot of planning, which was a significant responsibility.

How does Integra support you in your role?

I started off as a marketing summer intern. Once I completed my Post Graduation, I joined Integra full time as an ‘Associate Analyst’. First off Integra gave me lot of feedback and support on things that I could learn. Both hard and soft skills were polished. The constant expectation of me to become better than what I am, gave me the drive to go above and beyond my role. I was already managing people when I was made a Manager. The best part is the learning never stops, and you are in complete control of where you want to take your career, I have now been provided the opportunities to work on strategic planning, setting up business goals, increasing both the employee and client count, etc.

What will you say to someone who is planning to join Integra?

We are a very tightly knit group. We work together, party together, go on trips together every quarter. We are quite an accepting and welcoming bunch, and love to hang out with new people. Getting to know someone and make new friends is always fun. The whole reason we can spend this quality time together, is because we ensure the time we give to the organization is also quality time. We respect each other’s time, and work very independently. We take the responsibility of our work and treat each other as we would our clients. Given this, when everybody delivers on expectations, the work is more fun than work.

We Thank Amritansh for his contribution and hope we share the same fantastic journey in the years to come.

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